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1. Which  Italian Language courses are offered?
The Linguistic Center of University for Foreigners of Siena organizes Regular courses, Special courses and Special courses for teachers. Students attending levels B1 - B2 - C1 - C2 can attend cultural courses too.

2. Which language levels are available?
There are six language levels: A1– A2– B1–B2 – C1 – C2, according to directions  of the Framework.

3. What is the program of Regular  Italian language courses?
Language lessons are divided in Base Linguistic Modules (MLB) and Theme Linguistic Modules (MLT).

4. At what time are classes held?
Classes are held in the morning or in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.

About the schedule and the seat of lessons pls conctat: cluss@unistrasi.it

5. Do students take a placement test?
The first day of classes, students will take a placement test. Upon test results, students will be enrolled in the appropriate level for their knowledge of Italian language.

6.When the fees should be paid?
Enrolment fees can be paid in one single instalment with your application form  or in two instalments.
1st instalment: payment of 50% of enrolment fee due with application form in your own country;
2nd instalment: payment of 50% of enrolment fee due upon your arrival in Siena, by credit card too.

7.What should I do to enrol to Italian Language courses?
For Regular Courses of Italian Language and Culture, students must send the following documents:
1) Application form, filled out in all its parts
2) Photocopy of personal ID.
3) A passport size photo
4) Receipt of payment of 1st instalment as advance payment of the enrolment fee.
5) A copy of High-School Diploma valid in the issuing country, as requirement for university admission, or a transcript of the University/College you are attending or already graduated from. All documents must be translated in one of the following languages: Italian, English, French or Spanish.
In order to get a Diploma of 1st degree (Lev.C1) and of 2nd degree (Lev.C2) all documents must be translated and certified by the Italian diplomatic representatives abroad (Embassies and Consulates). A declaration of value must be also issued by the same Italian diplomatic office, it must certify that your education title is valid for be enrolled at a university in your country.
EU students, according to the Union’s rules, EU citizens may declare to have the required  Diploma, valid for University/College enrolment in their country, just by filling a self-certification (see attached form)

In the money transfer description please write the student’s name, the course willing to attend and the period of time chosen.

PLEASE NOTICE: the advance payment cannot be reimbursed.
In case a student cannot get an entry visa from the Italian Embassy or Consulate, partial reimbursement, except €100,00 for Secretary’s Office fees, will be given back upon presentation of required documents.

8. What should I do to get a visa to enter Italy? (for non-EU students)
In order to get an entry visa non-EU students MUST go to one the Italian diplomatic delegations abroad (Embassies and Consulates).

 We strongly suggest to get info, from the Italian Embassy in your country, about the procedure to obtain  a visa.

If a student gets only a Tourist Visa (usually three-month long), he/she can show it to the Students’ Secretary Office, along with all documents required for enrolment, upon his/her arrival in Siena.

9. May I enrol myself on the first day of classes?
No, you cannot. It is necessary to apply to the courses you choose one month prior to the beginning of such courses. In exceptional cases, students may send a special request to the Linguistic Center (cluss@unistrasi.it)

10. Which transcript will be released at the end of courses?
At the end of each level (three-month course) or of each monthly segment, students passing the final exam will get a TRANSCRIPT with their grade quantified out of 30 points as well as the CFU / ECTS achieved (4 credits for each month).

The transcript will be released free of charge. If a student needs an official certificate, there is a price of  € 14,62 for tax stamp.
At the end of a three-month C1 level course, and after passing the final tests, both for Language and Culture, students will achieve the 1st Degree  Diploma.
At the end of a three-month C2 level course and after passing both final exams for Language and Culture, plus the discussion of a final short essay for both classes, students achieve a 2nd Degree Diploma.
1st and 2nd Degree Diplomas are released by the University upon a  € 14,62 tax stamp. 

11. Are there any distance learning courses?
Upon request distance learning courses are activated in e-learning mode fast@unistrasi.it

12. How can I obtain some information about lodging in Siena?
You can contact accoglienza@unistrasi.it

For further information:
Piazza Carlo Rosselli 27/28
tel. +39 0577 240115
fax +39 0577 281030

Registration forms and fees:
Piazza Carlo Rosselli 27/28
tel. +39 0577 240346-112
fax +39 0577 283163